We Service and Repair all makes and models of floor cleaning equipment


At JAN-SAN Equipment Sales and Service we sell and service all leading brand manufacturers of commercial janitorial equipment. Equipment breakdowns are expensive, resulting in lost productivity, diminished appearance and cleanliness. Operating your equipment at less than peak efficiency will negatively affect productivity and end results.

At JAN-SAN we are committed to our customers. Our Certified, Professional and Courteous Technicians are more than happy to perform on site  training for you and  your staff on how to properly use the piece of equipment you just purchased. Making sure that they have the knowledge to do the best cleaning job and save money.

Our service department also offers on site repairs or in-shop service as seen appropriate, so whatever your situation maybe, we at JAN-SAN are only too happy to accommodate you.  It is our goal to keep your machine maintained and running smoothly at all times.


Most common machines we service:




Auto-Scrubbers, Focus L-20, S-20, Vantage Brand, All Clarke Equipment.



Windsor Chariot Auto-Scrubbers. I-Scrub 20.



Scrubbers E-17, E-20

Canister vacuums and upright vacuums from all manufacturers.

Floor Buffers from all manufacturers.



Auto-Scrubbers Model #s: 1701, 2001, 2401, 2601, 2701, 3301, Nobles Carpet Extractors Power Eagle 1016-1020;



Auto-Scrubbers T-3, T-5, T-7


Kent Auto Scrubbers