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Advantages of AGM Batteries

No Free Flowing Acid

Sealed Units

No Gassing

No Corrosion

Charge Times are Faster

Less Sulfation vs Flooded

Typically have a Longer Life vs Flooded

Ability to Ship by all  Modes of Transportation

Are a Non-Dangerous Good

Typically have a higher AH rating vs HEL not Flooded

Average Sell to Ration of AGM to Gell 100 to 1

Vibration Resistant

Advantages of Flooded Batteries

Flooded Batteries are Better Cost Fixed

Ability to Maintain Batteries Required

Batteries can Gas Under Charge

Corrosion Possible

Charge Times are Slower

Typically have a shorter life vs AGM

Are a Dangerous Good

Have a Higher AH Rating

Sulfation will occur if not maintained

Can be damaged more due to Vibration

Battery Chargers MUST be CORRECTLY set for the CHEMISTRY of Batteries. 

Algorithms must also be set accordingly. 

Our Most Requested Wear Items

Squeegee Blades for all makes and models.
Vacuum Motors for auto scrubbers, extractors etc for various makes and models, Nobles, Clarke, Kent, Advance.
HD Deep cycle batteries for auto scrubbers.
Water valves for all makes and models.
Drain hose for all makes and models.
Recovery hose for all makes and models.
Pad holders for all makes and models.

Jan-San Long Lasting Batteries


Jan-San Equipment sells Top Quality Floor Scrubber Batteries. We believe that in order to get the most out of your Floor Scrubber and other Cleaning Equipment, you need a top shelf battery that will provide long lasting service! Call Us for more information.