Preventative Maintenance


Give yourself peace of mind with our preventative maintenance programs.

 Avoid Unneccesary Costs – Schedule Preventative Maintenance Today 

PM – helps to minimize breakdowns and excessive depreciation.  Preventative maintenance can be compared to a service schedule for an automobile.

The amount of preventative maintenance needed for a specific type of cleaning equipment varies greatly.  It can range from replacing a damaged power cord on an upright vacuum cleaners to performing 20 plus check points maintenance. The most important reason for a PM program is reduced cost.  It also;

- Reduces equipment downtime

- Increases life expectancy of your cleaning equipment

- Timely, routine repairs circumvent fewer large-scale repairs

- Reduced cost of repairs by reducing secondary failures. When parts fail in service, it can result in damaging other parts.

We, at JAN-SAN Equipment, know the importance of keeping your equipment in top notch running condition.  Whether you require a major overhaul or just a minor tune up, our company is pleased to offer top quality mechanical service both in shop and on site.

We keep a large parts inventory and equipment supplies on site – offering continued support and service for repair and maintenance for all your floor cleaning equipment and specialized needs, ensuring that your operation runs smoothly at all times.

We customize our maintenance programs to suit your specific needs. 

Contact us to set up your preventative maintenance program.