Ec-H20 was introduced by the Tennant Company in 2008.  NanoClean refers to nanoscopic scale bubbles which enhance cleaning, lower costs and reduce the impact on the environment when compared to traditional floor cleaning chemicals. (A nonometer is 1 billionth of a meter).  An e-cell within the machine creates millions of these microscopic bubbles which greatly improves cleaning effectiveness.

Clarke’s revolutionary Boost Technology allows you to remove floor finisher without the need for harsh chemicals! This reduces costs, eliminates outdoors and improves safety with a less slipper floor.

Boost Technology can reduce the cost of solution by up to 70% and extends pad life by up to 40%.  Coupled with longer battery run times, labour costs are cut in half.

BOOST Technology is available on:

  • FM40™ ST & LX floor machines
  • Focus II Compact autoscrubber, National Floor Safety Institute certified for high traction
  • Focus II Midsize autoscrubber, National Floor Safety Institute certified for high traction
  • Focus II MicroRider
  • Focus II Rider autoscrubber

Additional BOOST features and benefits include: 

  • The only autoscrubber system that can actually remove finishes without using chemicals!
  • Reduce chemical and water usage by up to 70%
  • Increase the run time of your battery by 25%
  • Extend pad life by 40%
  • Fewer trips for fills and dumps

Improve operator safety with reduced noise levels

Read the Sodexo Case Study with BOOST Technology

See a Video of the Revolutionary BOOST Technology

The Eco-Flex System from Advance maintains the highest cleaning standards with increased sustainability and efficiency while achieving environmental sustainability.

The Eco-Flex System allows the operator to easily switch from water-only (chemical free) cleaning to a chemical application with varying down pressure and flow rates. Features include automatic detergent metering with onboard dispensing, in addition to ultra-low-flow dispensing which can cut water usage by as much as 70% compared to conventional scrubbing.  For extra tough stains, a “burst of power” is available at the touch of a button, increasing detergent and flow rates. 


Easily switch between chemical and water free cleaning at the touch of a button. Select the ideal pad pressure and water – detergent mix to tackle any type of floor surface condition. 


Maintain the highest sanitary standards for all surface types with fingertip control of pad pressure, flow rate and detergent use. 


The EcoFlex System offers environmental sustainability with enhanced efficiency for a new standard in “Green Cleaning”. 

Cost Efficient

Do more with less.  The EcoFlex System allows you to get more from your equipment with improved performace and a reduction water and detergent consumption 

Fits Any Routine

Simple cleaning can be done with water only while a “burst of power” is available for high traffic and dirtier areas.

The flexibility of the system allows you to develop your own cleaning routine and get the most from your resources. 


Advance’s Eco-Flex System brings green cleaning to a whole new level of sustainability and efficiency while meeting your highest standards. The result? “Green” meets “clean” – the smartest way to go.