Reconditioned Viper Extractor CEX410

The Viper CEX410 is a professional self-contained carpet extractor. This extractor features a wide cleaning path that scrubs the floor with the brush and then recovers the solution with the vacuum shoe kit. 6-gallon solution tank made of tough, chemical resistant material. With the optional hand toolwand, and hose (not included), you can equip this machine with the right equipment to thoroughly clean upholstery.

  • Powerful 1.6 HP vacuum motor and a .5 HP brush motor
  • Quite 68 db of sound pressure when running
  • 16-inch cleaning path to quickly clean your carpet
  • Large wheels for easy maneuverability and transport
  • Ergonomic and adjustable handle
  • Drain hose for easy emptying
  • No tools needed for routine maintained
  • Foot operated parking stand for brush protection
  • Brush kit, Suction nozzle, and detachable cord included
  • Compact – User friendly
Viper CEX410