Reconditioned Clarke 32" Boost

The reconditioned Clarke 32” Boost comes with a 14 X 32” rectangular scrub deck that employs an orbital motion of 2,250 RPM. This high-speed agitation requires less pad pressure and attacks the dirt from multiple directions as it passes over the floor. With a 4.1 mph maximum scrub speed, the floor cleaning time spent is more efficient. This unit comes with 6 Wet Cell Batteries, an on-board charging system, 14 X 32” scrub pad deck and a squeegee assembly.

Key features include:

  • Facilitates high speed scrubbing
  • Close edge cleaning reduces secondary operations
  • Provides best traction in double scrubbing and ramp cleaning
  • Leaves floor dry to reduce slip and fall hazards
  • Provides safety, comfort, and fun for the operator.
  • Fast response breaking
  • Automatic parking brake
  • Deadman seat switch
  • Easy entry and exit from either side of the machine
  • Back-up alarm and horn
  • Recovery tank clean-out port
Reconditioned Clarke 32" Boost