Nobles SS5 28" Auto Scrubber

The reconditioned Nobles 28” SS5 auto scrubber has the following features:

  • You control how deep you clean with variable down pressure and solution flows
  • Keep solution in squeegee recovery path with free-floating, self-adjusting head skirt (disk models)
  • Operator stays comfortable with height adjustable console
  • Reduce training time with Quick-Train™ controls
  • Quickly clean big spaces with less empty/fill cycles with the huge solution and recovery tanks
  • Perfect for noise sensitive environments; disk 67 dBA, cylindrical 68 dBa
  • Match your cleaning needs with disk and cylindrical (scrub/sweep) scrub heads
  • Charge the battery at any 120 Volt outlet with the on board charger
  • “No hassle” squeegee system set at the best angle for solution recovery
Nobles SS5 28" Auto Scrubber