Reconditioned Equipment

Thu, 04/18/2019 - 17:48
Reconditioned Clarke 32" Boost

Reconditioned Clarke 32" Boost

The reconditioned Clarke 32” Boost comes with a 14 X 32” rectangular scrub deck that employs an orbital motion of 2,250 RPM. This high-speed agitation requires less pad pressure and attacks the dirt from multiple directions as it passes over the floor. With a 4.1 mph maximum scrub speed, the floor cleaning time spent is more efficient. This unit comes with 6 Wet Cell Batteries, an on-board charging system, 14 X 32” scrub pad deck and a squeegee assembly.

Key features include:

  • Facilitates high speed scrubbing
  • Close edge cleaning reduces secondary operations
  • Provides best traction in double scrubbing and ramp cleaning
  • Leaves floor dry to reduce slip and fall hazards
  • Provides safety, comfort, and fun for the operator.
  • Fast response breaking
  • Automatic parking brake
  • Deadman seat switch
  • Easy entry and exit from either side of the machine
  • Back-up alarm and horn
  • Recovery tank clean-out port
Reconditioned Clarke Focus II Micro Rider

Reconditioned Clarke Focus II Micro Rider

The reconditioned Clarke Focus II MicroRider is a small, easily maneuverable machine that is designed to clean the areas that are inaccessible with larger riders—including those with limited access or tight corners. Yet, with a 28 inch deck, the Focus II MicroRider offers a wide cleaning path for maximum productivity in your larger cleaning areas.

The Clarke Focus II MicroRider comes equipped with a new batteries
• SafetyGlide™ scrub deck ensures quality cleaning results with 100% water pick-up
• Easy operation with Safe-T-Steering™ increases operator safety
• Quiet operation makes daytime cleaning and cleaning of noise-sensitive areas viable
• Comfortable driver compartment with customizable features can be optimized for virtually every operator

Reconditioned Clarke Focus II L20

Reconditioned Clarke Focus II L20

The reconditioned Clarke Focus II 20” floor scrubber comes with the following:

  • Larger tank capacity
  • 24 Volt batteries
  • On-board battery charger
  • One-touch scrubbing controls
  • Quietest scrubber in the industry
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Easy to adjust squeegee with front/back urethane blades
Tennant T5 Auto Scrubber

Tennant T5 Auto Scrubber

The reconditioned Tennant T5 comes with the following features:

  • Easily train new operators to use the simple, intuitive controls.
  • These scrubbing machines reduce operator contact with wastewater and prevent clogged hoses/drains with the convenient debris tray.
  • Save time and storage space with the on-board charger.
  • Quickly remove and replace brushes and squeegees. Plus, with the “no hassle” squeegee system, there are no tools for maintenance and the blade is factory set at the optimum recovery angle.
  • Eliminate the need for follow-up passes and mop-ups with the fully self-adjusting splash skirt that captures scrub deck overspray.
Nobles SS5 28" Auto Scrubber

Nobles SS5 28" Auto Scrubber

The reconditioned Nobles 28” SS5 auto scrubber has the following features:

  • You control how deep you clean with variable down pressure and solution flows
  • Keep solution in squeegee recovery path with free-floating, self-adjusting head skirt (disk models)
  • Operator stays comfortable with height adjustable console
  • Reduce training time with Quick-Train™ controls
  • Quickly clean big spaces with less empty/fill cycles with the huge solution and recovery tanks
  • Perfect for noise sensitive environments; disk 67 dBA, cylindrical 68 dBa
  • Match your cleaning needs with disk and cylindrical (scrub/sweep) scrub heads
  • Charge the battery at any 120 Volt outlet with the on board charger
  • “No hassle” squeegee system set at the best angle for solution recovery
Nobles Speed Scrub SS17-20

Nobles Speed Scrub SS17-20

The reconditioned Nobles Speed Scrub SS17-20 Features: 

  • Powerful motor- Get a reliable clean from the 1.0 hp brush motor, which delivers vigorous 230 rpm agitation; especially when combined with up to 90 pounds of pad pressure.
  • Low noise level-The Speed Scrub can clean in the quietest places at 68.5 dBA.
  • On board charger- No need to worry about where to charge the machine. Just find any 120-volt outlet, plug it in, and you’re good to go.
  • Quick and easy brush/squeegee replacement- No tools are needed to replace brushes or blades, and operators can stop worrying and messing around with squeegee adjustments, it’s factory set.
Tennant T1 micro scrubber

Reconditioned Tennant T1 micro scrubber

The reconditioned Tennant T1 Battery Micro-Scrubber eliminates cord hazards and constraints, so facilities can be cleaned regardless of the time of day. An industry first in the category, the T1 Battery Micro-Scrubber with the AGM battery is a multiple-use, daily cleaning tool that is virtually always ready to clean.

The Tennant T1 features:

  • Cord-free flexibility allows cleaning even when people are present.
  • AGM provides up to 20 times longer battery life and can clean multiple times per day
  • Compact, forward and reverse scrubbing and drying delivers quiet, best-in-class cleaning of congested spaces
  • Insta-Adjust handle improves worker comfort and productivity
  • Removable, easy-to-clean Hygienic tanks reduce bacteria growth and improve environmental health
Clarke MA30 13B

Clarke MA30 13B

The reconditioned Clarke MA30 13B is a battery powered micro scrubber that delivers the cleaning performance you require in the compact size you need. Dirt and even small debris are easily removed from the floor with its single pass sweeping, scrubbing and drying capabilities, efficiently leaving your floors clean and dry.

The MA30 features the following:

  • Effective Sweep, scrub and dry in a single pass
  • Compact Ideal design for scrubbing small spaces quickly
  • Safe Cord-free and quiet operation
  • Sanitary Creates a cleaner environment than mopping
Reconditioned Dragon DR2000 Dust Control Burnisher

Reconditioned Dragon DR2000 Dust Control Burnisher

The Reconditioned Viper Dragon DR2000 is simple and easy to use with fingertip controls. This unit comes equipped with a passive dust-control with bag collector for easy cleaning. The LED pad pressure indicator ensures proper pressure. The handle folds down for quick storage. The Dragon DR2000 is engineered to withstand heavy, daily use with a 2000 RPM pad motor.

Reconditioned Nobles Ultra Shine 20" Electric Burnisher

Reconditioned Nobles Ultra Shine 20" Electric Burnisher

  • The reconditioned Nobles Ultra shine 20” High speed dust control burnisher uses a free-floating head for even results on irregular floors. Easy to burnish hard-to-reach areas with low profile
  • 2000 RPM; 1.5 HP
  • Pad Driver: 19"; Cord: 75 ft
  • Construction: Polyethylene
Reconditioned Clarke FM40

Reconditioned Clarke FM40

The reconditioned Clarke FM40 LX comes with a standardized 14 inch x 20 inch pad deck, the versatile FM40 is an ideal replacement for a variety of other equipment, too. In addition to scrubbing small, hard-to-reach areas where using a large auto scrubber doesn’t make sense, the FM40 can also perform chemical-free floor finish removal. When paired with the appropriate pads, the FM40 floor machine can even be used to clean grout in bathrooms, prep gym floors for recoats. The FM40 LX can also burnish terrazzo, marble, and concrete. The FM40 LX comes with the following: Three 21 pound weights, and adjustable, detachable handle, a safety switch to protect against unintended start-up.

Reconditioned Impala 20 Inch Floor Polisher

Reconditioned Impala 20 Inch Floor Polisher

The Reconditioned Dustbane 20 Inch Impala has Optimum Performance Designed to increase productivity, while driving down the cost to clean. At high speed, it allows polishing of floors through spray buff. At low speed, one uses it to strip, scrub, clean carpets or clean ceramic with a brush. The rotationally molded base reduces noise, increases stability and is extremely durable. This polyethylene base has a pebbled surface, impervious to chemicals. Easy to Operate Very easy to use and quick to learn. A new operator of the machine can become proficient within minutes! Designed to offer the maximum comfort throughout the operation. The simple two-finger operation reduces operator fatigue. This two-piece retrofit assembly is easy to replace.

Reconditioned Kent 20" Floor Polisher

Reconditioned Kent 20" Floor Polisher

Kent floor machines are your best option for the maintenance of your floors, All Kent floor machines include safety switch and locking mechanism to avoid accidental start. The reconditioned Kent KF-205S comes with the following features:

  • Triple planetary all steel gears, Durable rotomolded chassis, 175 RPM brush speed, 1.5 HP heavy duty motor
  • 20 Inch pad size, 20 Inch pad driver
Reconditioned Viper Self Contained Carpet Extractor

Reconditioned Viper Self Contained Carpet Extractor

The reconditioned Viper SL1610SE self-contained carpet extractor is easy to use with fingertip controls. It has a compact design for increased maneuverability. This unit has well balanced tanks, twist-lock spray jets and an easy to service clamshell design. With a 16-inch cleaning path and a 10-gal tank, the Viper SL1610SE provides increased cleaning productivity. The addition of the 15-foot hose and extraction wand makes cleaning all areas easy and affordable.

Reconditioned Numatic WV570-2 Wet/Dry Vacuum

Reconditioned Numatic WV570-2 Wet/Dry Vacuum

The reconditioned Numatic WV570-2 comes with a new hose, 2 new stainless-steel wands and a squeegee floor tool and features the following:

• Powerful & Professional Performance - Long-life TwinFlo bypass motor.
• Ready for Wet or Dry - Professional results in either mode with accessories provided.
• Clean Emptying - Fitted with easy empty handle providing simple and clean emptying.
• Built to Last - Heavy-duty Structofoam provides tough professional construction.

Reconditioned NVQ380 Dry Vacuum

Reconditioned NVQ380 Dry Vacuum

The reconditioned Numatic NVQ380 incorporates the best of all worlds in commercial terms. The all-steel deep-drawn power head includes the Micro-tec noise reduction system and the superb Twin-Flo high performance motor.

The Vacuum comes with a new hose, new stainless-steel wands and a new combo floor tool and has the following features:

• Built to Last - Heavy-duty Structo-foam construction and all-steel power head.
• Powerful & Efficient - Patented Micro-tec noise reduction system and Twin-Flo motor

• Improves Filtration, Cleanliness and Capacity - Tri-Tex Filtration System.

Reconditioned Taski Bora S5.1

Reconditioned Taski Bora S5.1

The reconditioned Taski Bora S5.1 comes with an 8ft hose, 120 Volt vacuum motor, 30-foot power cord, 2 new extension wands and a new 12-inch flip flop combination floor tool for easy carpet and hard surface cleaning.

Reconditioned Clarke Carpetmaster 212

Reconditioned Clarke Carpetmaster 212

The reconditioned CarpetMaster 212 is designed with the operator in mind. The CarpetMaster vacuum features a powerful motor, on-board crevice and upholstery tools, quiet operation, HEPA filtration, bag indicator light, and a light handle weight! The motor is also conveniently located at the base of the machine which results in a lighter handle weight. With a non-marking bumper and a 50 foot yellow safety cord your cleaning time becomes more efficient.

Reconditioned Windsor Sensor S12

Reconditioned Windsor Sensor S12

The reconditioned Windsor Sensor Upright Vacuum has a powerful, 1.6 hp vacuum motor that pulls more dirt from carpets. It also has the following features:

  1. Hospital-grade S-class filtration can trap 99.6% at 0.3 microns for greatly improved indoor air quality.
  2. Ergonomic light-weight (1.5 lbs.) handle will increase operator comfort and productivity.
  3. Versatile on-board tools and extension wand make Sensor S12 ideal for detail cleaning.
  4. Sensor S12 protects itself against damage whenever bag is full or clogged.
  5. Brush roller indicator light alerts operator when brush height is set incorrectly.
Reconditioned Windsor XP15

Reconditioned Windsor XP15

The reconditioned Windsor Sensor XP 15 adjusts automatically to match the exact height requirement of any flooring surface!

Versatility, Performance, Filtration, Durability, and Value

  1. Electronic Automatic Height control.
  2. Bigger, 1200-watt motor pulls even more dirt from the carpet.
  3. Light handle weight (1.5 lbs!) ensures operator comfort and productivity.
  4. Versatile on-board tools and extension wand make Sensor XP15 the perfect choice for detail cleaning.
  5. Easy-to-change filter bag ensures the bag is installed correctly.
  6. Vacuum will shut down to protect it self in the event of clogging or jamming the brush roller.
  7. Low profile, flat-to-the-floor design allows user to easily clean under beds and furniture.
Reconditioned Dirt Devil Upright Vacuum

Reconditioned Dirt Devil Upright Vacuum

The reconditioned Royal Dirt Devil bagless upright vacuum is compact and powerful. The vacuum has a 12-inch cleaning path and is light weight. With on board tools and a long extension hose and combined with no bags to change makes this vacuum a great companion for everyday cleaning.