Reconditioned Equipment

Thu, 04/18/2019 - 17:48
Reconditioned Clarke Focus II Micro Rider

Reconditioned Clarke Focus II Micro Rider (Status - Available)

The reconditioned Clarke Focus II MicroRider is a small, easily maneuverable machine that is designed to clean the areas that are inaccessible with larger riders—including those with limited access or tight corners. Yet, with a 28-inch deck, the Focus II MicroRider offers a wide cleaning path for maximum productivity in your larger cleaning areas.

S/N: 3510134300848

  • The Reconditioned Clarke Focus II MicroRider comes equipped with 24-volt system and 4 batteries
  • Orbital motion of 2,250 RPM – applying max 105 lbs of pressure
  • Solution tank (30 gallons) – Recovery tank (30 gallons)
  • Dimensions L x W x H (49” x 29” x 54”)
  • Weight 1,005 lb
  • Squeege leaves floor dry after pass through
  • Horn and back up alarm
  • SafetyGlide scrub deck ensures quality cleaning results with 100% water pick-up
  • Easy operation with safe-t-steering increases operator safety
  • Quiet operations make daytime cleaning and cleaning of noise – sensitive areas viable
  • Comfortable driver compartment with customizable features can be optimized
Windsor Chariot IScrub 20

Reconditioned Windsor Chariot IScrub 20 (Status - Loaned)

Recondition Windsor Chariot IScrub 20, battery powered self-propelled automatic ride scrubber. Complete with 20Inch Pad driver, Charger & 36 Volt battery system. High-capacity tank and Battery power, allows for longer periods of use. Providing more productive and efficiency than regular walk behinds.

S/N: 10061330000413

  • Solution Tank (10 Gallons) Recovery Tank (10 Gallons)
  • Cleaning path - 20 inches
  • Orbital Motion of 180 RPM – applying max 50 lbs of pressure
  • Dimensions L x W x H (42” x 26.5” x 50.75”)
  • Weight 827 lbs
  • Automatic electric parking brake
  • Full 360 Range of view and 180 degree turning radius
Viper Fang 26T

Reconditioned Viper Fang 26T (Status - Available)

The Viper Fang 26T is a 26 inch self-propelled disc style floor scrubber. 16 gallon solution and recovery support extended scrub times. Up to 150 lbs of down pressure allows for aggressive scrubbing applications. A squared scrub head housing reaches into corners. Productivity is rated at up to 26,000 sq ft/hr.

S/N: VIPERFANG26T-010343

  • Cleaning Path: 26 inch disc deck + self-propelled.
  • Battery Operated: (2) 12 volt 215 amp hour batteries on a 24 volt system.
  • Capacity: 17 gallon solution & recovery tanks.
  • Brush System: .75 hp brush motor - 200 RPM.
  • Recovery System: 3-stage vacuum motor - 67" of waterlift.
  • Speed: .33 hp drive motor - up to 3 mph.
  • Dimensions and Weight: 450 lbs shipping weight, 44 L x 26 W x 39 H.
  • Caliber's Warranty: 60 days parts and labor.
Nobles SS17-20

The Reconditioned Nobles SS17-20 (Status - Loaned)

The Reconditioned Nobles SS17-20 Traction Auto Scrubber offers a heavy-duty squeegee system, an easy-to-use drive panel control, a good maneuverability, a self-leveling system and narrow for those tight storage rooms. This SS17-20 has a 17-20" scrubbing width to adjust for all needs, manual squeegee, and pad release, eliminates maintenance higher maintenance cost. Provides a great size not too big or small but just the right size for most operations, unless the building size is massive or very small.

S/N: 900288-80011889

  • Battery System – 24 Volt
  • Drive System – Traction
  • Electric Traction – Yes
  • Cleaning path – 17”/20”
  • Recovery Tank – 15 Gal
  • Solution Tank – 10.5 Gal
  • Weight – 203LBS
  • Dimension (H-43” L-50.25” W-21.5”)
  • Productivity - 20,230 sq.ft/hr
Advance BA5321

Reconditioned Advance BA5321 (Status - Available)

The Reconditioned Advance BA5321 Auto Scrubber offers a new standard of economical performance in battery-powered auto scrubbers. Easy-to-use control panel, a good maneuverability, a lightweight compact design and narrow for those tight storage rooms. This Advance BA5321 has a 21" scrubbing width, manual squeegee, and pad release, eliminates higher maintenance costs down the road. Provides a great size not too big or small but just the right size for most operations, unless the building size is massive or very small. Ideal for cleaning supermarkets, schools, and other similar facilities.

S/N: 1271293

  • Battery System – 24 Volt
  • Drive System – Pad Assist
  • Electric Traction – No
  • Cleaning path – 21”
  • Recovery Tank – 14.5 Gal
  • Solution Tank – 14.5 Gal
  • Weight – 338LBS
  • Dimension (H-42.4” L-51.6” W-21”)
  • Productivity – 22,001.4 sq.ft/hr
Cable Machine - Industrial applicatons

Reconditioned Numatic TT 455S 20” (Status - Available)

The reconditioned Numatic TT 455S 20” Cable machine is used extensively in many industrial applications where floors are quite often rough and exceptionally dirty.

S/N: 964906067

  • TwinFlo Vacuum Motor - Provides exceptional wet pick-up.
  • Tilting Brush Deck - Making brush changes quick and simple.
  • Longlife, low load gearbox.
  • Simple Control - Simple on / off trigger controls.
  • Heavy duty clean and dirty water tanks.
  • Easy filling and emptying system.
Karcher B40 W BP

Reconditioned Karcher B40 W BP (Status - Available)

The Reconditioned Karcher B40 W BP infinitely variable traction drive with forward and reverse drive. offers a heavy-duty squeegee system, an easy-to-use drive panel control, a good maneuverability. Includes innovative KIK key system, which prevents operating errors and is equipped with eco! efficiency mode, which extends the battery runtime and reduces the operating noise considerably. This Karcher B40 W BP offers 20" scrubbing width, manual squeegee, and pad release, eliminates maintenance and higher maintenance cost. Provides a great size not too big or small but just the right size for most operations, unless the building size is massive or very small.

S/N: 010359

  • Battery System – 24 Volt
  • Drive System – Traction
  • Electric Traction – Yes
  • Cleaning path – 20”
  • Brush RPM – 1725/30
  • Pad Pressure – 50/70LBS
  • Recovery Tank – 40L
  • Solution Tank – 40L
  • Weight – 384LBS
  • Dimension (H-45” L-49” W-20.5”)
  • Productivity – 23,790 sq.ft/hr
Dust Bane Hurricane 510 XTT

Reconditioned Dust Bane Hurricane 510 XTT (Status - Loaned)

The Reconditioned Hurricane 510 XTT Traction Auto Scrubber offers a heavy-duty squeegee system, an easy-to-use drive panel control, a good maneuverability, a self-leveling system, and an anti-foam system. This 510 XTT has a 20" scrubbing width, a 19-gallon solution tank and a 20-gallon recovery tank. Provides a great size not to big or small but just the right size for most operations, unless the building size is massive or very small.

S/N: DBTA3769

  • Battery System – 145/155AH
  • Drive System – Traction
  • Electric Traction – Yes
  • Cleaning path – 20”
  • Recovery Tank – 20 Gal
  • Solution Tank – 19 Gal
  • Weight – 155LBS
  • Power Supply – 24Volt (2 x 12-volt batts)
Nobles 2400 Walk Behind Speed Scrubber

Nobles Speed Scrub 2400 (Status - Loaned)

Reconditioned Nobles Speed Scrub 2400

S/N: SS24000009721JP

This rugged scrubber is designed specifically for heavy-duty scrubbing and stripping applications. The Speed Scrub™ 2400 model maneuvers easily while providing maximum scrubbing power, its floating head design gives allows for even scrubbing on irregular surfaces. No drive looks brand new with minimal usage.

  • Orbital Motion of 200 RPM – Applying 40 to 130lbs of pad pressure
  • Scrub Path 20”
  • Solution Tank (17 gallons) – Recovery Tank (17 gallons)
  • Dimensions L x W x H (50” x 23” x 39”)
  • Weight = 580 with batteries
  • 24-volt system – (2 Batteries)


Nobles speed scrub 300

Reconditioned Nobles Speed Scrub 300 (Status - Loaned)

The Nobles Speed Scrub is a walk-behind auto scrubber with a 20" pad. This is a simple and efficient machine to use, easy for anyone to operate with minimal training. Allows the operator to clean and pick dirt indoors up to 15,000 sq ft. 

S/N: SS300 - 10862976

  • Reconditioned Nobles Speed Scrub 300 – 20” scrub path
  • 11-gallon solution tank; 14 gallon recovery tank.
  • 24-volt system (2) 12 volt batteries
  • 0.6 hp vacuum motor - 34.5 inches of waterlift.
  • Cleaning Speed: 20,000 square feet / hr.
  • 230 RPM - 51 lbs of down pressure.
  • Durable, corrosion-proof polyethylene construction.
  • Dimensions L x W x H (54” x 22” x 43.1”)
  • Weight 400 lbs with batteries


Betco Crewman AS20B

Reconditioned Betco Crewman AS20B (Status - Available)

Reconditioned Betco Crewman™ AS20B features a 9 gallon solution tank and 11 gallon recovery tank with a 20″ single disk scrub head Other standard features and user friendly controls A pad driver, battery pack, and charger are also included. Operates on a 24 Volt system with two 12 volt batteries.

S/N: 614002364

  • Cleaning Path – 20”
  • Pad Speed – 140 RPM
  • Pad Pressure – 50lbs
  • Solution Tank – 9 Gallons
  • Recovery Tank – 11 Gallons
  • Productivity – 15,000 Sq. Ft/hour
Nobles Speed Scrub SS17-20

Reconditioned Nobles Speed Scrub SS17-20 (Status - Loaned)

The reconditioned Nobles Speed Scrub SS17-20 Features: 

S/N: 900306-80002434

  • Powerful motor- Get a reliable clean from the 1.0 hp brush motor, which delivers vigorous 230 rpm agitation; especially when combined with up to 90 pounds of pad pressure.
  • Low noise level-The Speed Scrub can clean in the quietest places at 68.5 dBA.
  • On board charger- No need to worry about where to charge the machine. Just find any 120-volt outlet, plug it in, and you’re good to go.
  • Quick and easy brush/squeegee replacement- No tools are needed to replace brushes or blades, and operators can stop worrying and messing around with squeegee adjustments, it’s factory set.
Clarke Encore L17 Reconditioned

Reconditioned Clarke Encore L17 (Status - Available)

The recondition Focus L17 is a compact walk behind floor scrubber features a, scrub head that flips up to a 60-degree brush change position. These, along with many other ergonomic and productivity enhancements, make the Clarke Encore L17 one of the most versatile compact floor scrubbers on the market.

S/N: BJ0252

  • Easy brush/pad change with "Flip-up" head design
  • Rear fill permits filling solution while draining recovery
  • Easy to charge with its on-board charger--charge anywhere
  • Superior solution recovery with Accu-Track parabolic squeegee
  • 17” cleaning path
  • Traction drives forward and reverse
  • Solution tank 11 gallon
  • Recovery tank 11 gallon
  • Dimensions: (L 48.5” W 19” H 42”)
  • Pad pressure 40 – 90lbs
  • 24-volt battery system (2 x 12-volt batts)
Minuteman E17BDQP

Reconditioned Minuteman E17BDQP

The Reconditioned Minuteman E17BDQP is a compact brush scrubber providing cleaning path of 17”. Utilizes the brush drive feature, no-traction control eliminating possible maintenance cost and servicing issues. Comes equipped with on board charger, allowing the machine to be plugged in and stored anywhere with an outlet. Squeegee design to eliminate operator adjustments, adjustable handle for ease of use. The small compact design allows the machine to reach tight spaces, along with the low brush deck ideal for cleaning around and underneath obstacles.

S/N: 12060059

  • Pad Width – 17”
  • Power – 24 Volt System (2) 12v Batteries
  • Drive – No- Traction (Brush Drive)
  • Charger – On Board
  • Pad Speed – 180 RPM
  • Productivity Rate – 12,750 sq ft/hr
  • Solution Tank – 12 Gal
  • Recovery Tank – 13 Gal
  • Dimensions (LxWxH) – (L 50” x W 23” x H 41.25”)
  • Weight – 365lbs
Clarke Vantage 14

Reconditioned Clarke Vantage 14

The Reconditioned Clarke Vantage 14 is a compact brush scrubber providing cleaning path of 14.5”. Utilizes the brush drive feature, no-traction control eliminating possible maintenance cost and servicing issues. Comes equipped with on board charger, allowing the machine to be plugged in and stored anywhere with an outlet.

Combining innovation, reliability and performance, the Clarke Vantage 14 marks a breakthrough in daily scrubbing for small areas. Perfect for restaurants, businesses, garages, bathrooms and much more. Provides patented, rotating disk for cleaning going forward and reverse and offering a user-friendly control panel making it easy for anyone to use.

S/N: 3510150802001

  • Pad Width – 14.5”
  • Power – 12 Volt System (1) 12v Batteries
  • Drive – No- Traction (Brush Drive)
  • Charger – On Board
  • Pad Speed – 120 RPM
  • Pad Pressure – 60lbs
  • Productivity Rate – 3,500 to 7,000 sq ft/hr
  • Solution Tank – 3 Gal
  • Recovery Tank – 3 Gal
  • Dimensions (LxWxH) – (L 13.5” x W 6.5” x H 9.4”)
  • Weight – 146lbs
Demoed Advance Terra 28B

Demoed Advance Terra 28B (Status - Available)

This Demoed Advance Terra® 28B walk-behind floor sweeper leaves wide-area vacuums in the dust. With its 28” sweep path and specially designed main broom, you can clean up to 20,000 sq. ft. of carpet per hour (versus 8,000 sq. ft. per hour for a 28” vacuum).

The Terra 28B delivers superior efficiency and performance. Featuring All Surface, All Purpose sweeping technology, you can clean from one floor type to another without changing the broom. In most situations you won’t even have to adjust the broom height. With low sound levels and easy maneuverability, this is an ideal sweeping and vacuuming solution.

S/N: 3510214000683

  • Pick up everything from dirt and sand to paper and plastic bottles with the specially designed main broom
  • Simplify operation and minimize user training thanks to the easy-to-use One-Touch™ operation, streamlined design and superior maneuverability
  • Clean during the day, and meet green-cleaning noise standards, thanks to low 59 dB A sound levels (meets LEED-EB and GS-42 standards)
  • Improve indoor air quality with bagless design, durable polyester panel filter and the most aggressive filter shaker in its class
  • Eliminate the need for edge cleaning with the integrated side broom
  • Ensure easy maintenance with tools free broom and hopper removal
Galaxy 2000 Carpet Extractor

Reconditioned Galaxy 2000 Carpet Extractor (Status - Not Available)

The reconditioned Galaxy 2000 Carpet extractor has a Clean “granite look” which projects an image of professionalism and keeps the machine looking new. Comes equipped with a carpet wand with trigger and the following


• Upright-mounted motor

• Standard 5-gallon bucket fits under drain valve for easy emptying, and a 10 foot hose.

•Opens quickly like a clamshell for easy servicing

•Top-mounted switches

• Sealed motor cavity insures that spills on the outside stay out

• The Galaxy 2000 offers 150PSI

• Exclusive back mounted components make it easier to push the machine out of the way as you move back while cleaning

Windsor Clipper 12

Recondition Windsor Clipper 12 (Status - Available)

The Windsor Clipper 12 is the industry’s most productive mid-sized carpet extractor. The ergonomic design and intuitive control panel make this a very user-friendly model. This extractor carpet cleaning machine is equipped with a powerful vac motor and floating vac shoe ensure that your floors are restored to like-new condition.

This Windsor carpet extractor is fully reconditioned and tested to perform like new.

  • Construction: Injection molded chassis with rotationally molded polyethylene tanks
  • Vacuum motor: Three stage, bypass, q.5hp (1,119 watts0, 100 cfm (2.8m 3/min) 120” waterlift
  • Solution pump: 100 psi
  • Brush motor: 1/3hp (249 watts) AC with circuit breaker protection
  • Brush: 18” wide cleaning path (nylon bristle)
  • Solution: Two quick disconnect jets
  • Solution Tank: 12 gal
  • Recovery tank: 12 gal
  • Vacuum shoe: 20” wide cast aluminum
  • Power cable: 50 feet
  • Dimensions: (L 43” W 22” H 32.5”)
  • Weight: 114lbs
nobles Power eagle extractor

Reconditioned Nobles Power Eagle 1016 PLUS x 2 (Status - N/A and Rented)

The Nobles Power Eagle 1016 Plus is a small compact carpet extractor, great for small to medium sized areas. Works great for extracting tough dirt and grim from carpets, easy to empty with a simple drop-down hose. This machine is very user friendly with basic controls.

S/N: 100256-10283392 (1) 110256-10282252 (2)

  • Cleaning path 16 inches
  • Mac cleaning rate 2,100 Sq. ft per hour
  • Weight of the machine 0-89LBS
  • Solution tank (10 gallons) Recovery tank (14.5 gallons)

Reconditioned NSS Predator Series CX 300 HP x 2 (Status - Available)

The reconditioned NSS Predator Series Carpet extractor has a Clean “Black Look” which projects an image of professionalism and keeps the machine looking new. Comes equipped with Hose to use Wand and Hand tools. For extraordinary restorative hot-water carpet cleaning, the Predator CX 300HP is the perfect carpet extractor. Keeping water at 100 degrees Celsius for deep cleaning, that 50 percent more effective than cold water extraction.

S/N: (1) 178839 (2) 158483

  • Adjustable Pressure – 75/300psi
  • Two Circuit System – One for heater and one for Motor
  • Vacuum Motor – 3 Stage
  • Recovery Tank – 12 Gal
  • Solution Tank – 12 Gal
  • Dimensions – (H-34” L-26” W-17”)
  • Weight – 100 lbs
  • Productivity – 500 sq.ft/hr
Sanitaire SC6001 Reconditioned

Reconditioned Sanitaire SC6001 (Status - Available)

The Reconditioned Sanitaire SC6001

S/N: 1224015483

Compact and lightweight floor machine, 175 rpm motor. Comes with 12-Inch pad driver. Doesn't use a filter, designed with telescopic chrome steel handle for easy transport and compact storage. 12" brush diameter for use in tight spaces. Quiet, belt-driven operation; 25' cord. Great to use for steps, small hallways, and other tight areas.

Minuteman Front Runner (M20120-02)

Reconditioned Minuteman Front Runner - 20'' (M20120-02) (Status - Rented)

The Reconditioned Minuteman front runner, handles are positioned for operator comfort which reduces user fatigue. A cast aluminum housing and heavy-duty bumper prevent the machine and walls from damage. Rear wheels allow for easy transport and Carbon brush indicator light. On 2-speed models this light alerts the operator when carbon brushes need to be replaced. A triple planetary gear system is also standard on the 2-speed machines.

S/N: JANSANM20120-02

  • Cleaning Path: 20 (inches)
  • Cord operated: 50-Foot power cord
  • Brush/pad Speed: 175/300 RPM
  • Power Source: 115V AC @ 15A, 60HZ
  • Motor: 1-1/ ½ HP
  • Weight: 103lb
Reconditioned Dragon DR2000 Dust Control Burnisher

Reconditioned Dragon DR2000 Dust Control Burnisher (Being serviced)

The Reconditioned Viper Dragon DR2000 20” burnisher is simple and easy to use with fingertip controls. Providing versatile movements, quick and easy adjustments producing a comfortable feeling for anyone.

1) S/N: DR000DC-01248

  • Engineered to withstand heavy, daily use.
  • Flexible pad driver able to adjust pad pressure
  • Orbital motion reaching 2,000 RPM
  • Dimensions L x W x H (34.5” x 23.5” x 48”)
  • This unit comes equipped with a passive dust-control with bag collector for easy cleaning.
  • The LED pad pressure indicator ensures proper pressure.
  • The handle folds down for quick storage.
Hako Minuteman M23000-04

Reconditioned Hako Minuteman M23000-04 (Status - Available)

The Reconditioned Hako Minuteman M23000-04

Is an older model of electric burnisher but built to last. Great for warehouses, garages, and other open spaces. Operating with 20-inch pass through, along with optional dust control features.

S/N: 23720375

Windsor Lighting 1500 burnisher

Reconditioned Windsor Lighting 1500 (Status - Available)

Make your floors shine with the lightning 1500. We include features such as a mechanical interlock to prevent accidental starts for safety. The built-in circuit breaker protects the motor for long life and durability. These efficient burnishers restore your hard floors to a like-new shine. They have an easy-to-use adjustable handle and a non-marking bumper to protect your machine.

S/N: 216087

  • Floating handle automatically adjusts to operator height simplifying operation and providing a consistent high-gloss shine
  • Powerful dust control system captures dust in an easy to remove paper bag and provides a healthier work environment
  • Direct drive motor reduced maintenance cost.
  • Rugged cast aluminum base and switch housing
Karcher BDP 51/2000C

Reconditioned Karcher BDP 51/2000C (Status - Available)

The Reconditioned Karcher BDP 51/2000 C

Can give floors perfect and consistent gloss results are achieved with a floating handle which maintains a constant pressure on the floor. For a healthier work environment, this machine utilizes a disposable paper bag dust control system. Power is supplied to the floor by a 1.5 HP rectified DC motor with direct drive, no belts, or gears to maintain or service. Two sets of large 5” wheels provide superior mobility; the high-quality cast aluminum chassis will withstand years of punishment in commercial burnishing applications. A 75’ power cable means more burnishing and less searching for wall outlets.  With a mechanical safety interlock that prevents accidental startups, a built-in circuit breaker and fuse system to protect the motor and a rugged aluminum base and switch housing, the BDP 51/2000 is a durable burnisher that puts safety and brilliant results as priority number one.

S/N: 10090620000933

  • Motor - 1.5hp
  • Cleaning path – 20” 
  • Pad Speed 2,000 RPM
  • Dimensions - (H-48” L-32” W-24”)
  • Weight - Net w/cord 92lbs (43 kg)
  • Power – Electrical
Nobles integrity 2000

Recondition Nobles integrity 2000 (Status - Available)

The recondition Nobles Integrity 2000 is a great compact electric burnisher. Built with durable materials to with stand heavy usage. These cord operated floor buffers feature a free-floating head that will accommodate uneven or irregular floors along with a specially designed skirt and filter that work together to capture and retains dust.

S/N: I20DC00052415

  • Cleaning Path: 20 inches.
  • Cord Operated: 50-foot power cord.
  • Speed: 2000 RPM.
  • Brush System: 1.5 hp motor.
  • Dust Control: A cloth filter bag captures dust with 98% efficiency at 0.1 micron.
  • Construction: Polyethylene.
  • Features: Free floating flexible disk pad driver accommodates uneven floors, excellent gloss performance on many types of finished surfaces, simple and straight-forward controls.
  • Dimensions: 21 L x 12 W x 48 H
  • Weight: 85 lbs shipping weight
Advance Whirlamatic Reconditioned

Reconditioned Advance Whirlamatic (Status - Available)

The Reconditioned Advance Whirlamatic 20 Ultra

S/N: 018336

Can give your floors a mirror-like shine in one pass, rotating at 2000RPM.  This gas shock with flexible pad holder and an exclusive pivoting motor keep the pressure evenly distributed, against the contours of your floor so 100% of the pad makes contact at all times. Whether the surface is even or uneven, the result is consistent making sure you spend less time polishing.

Features, handles adjustment for comfort, squeeze grips control power, rear wheels for ease of transport, dust control, paper filter bag, and operates off the front wheels. Roto-molded polyethylene base, with aluminum handle durable and maintains condition well.

  • Motor - 1.5hp
  • Transmission - Direct drive from motor shaft
  • Pad Holder - 20 inch 
  • Pad Speed 2,000 RPM
  • Productivity - 10,000 Square feet per hour
  • Sound Level - 70 DBA
  • Dimensions - (LxWxH 32" x 25" x 49")
  • Weight - Net w/cord 92lbs (43 kg)
Minuteman M26036TDCE

Reconditioned Minuteman M26026TDCE (Status - Available)

The Reconditioned Minuteman M26036TDCE Engineered for exceptional performance, Minuteman’s Battery Burnishers utilize a 2.5 H.P. pad drive motor and Minuteman’s Passive Air Management System, Dust Control System. PAMS helps to reduce the need for dust mopping after burnishing by capturing finish compound and dust particles. The result — innovative battery burnishers that provide high productivity, solid performance, and increased labor savings benefits.

Feature a 20″ burnishing pad with pad driver speeds up to 2000 rpms to give a wet-look shine to floors. These low-profile, ergonomically designed machines feature Minuteman’s Multi-Flex® pad driver which adjusts to the highs and lows of the floor while retarding pad growth.

Minuteman M26036TDCE battery burnishers are ideal for environments that require a high productivity burnisher such as hospitals, hotels, schools, office buildings and retail stores.

 S/N: 11020217

  • Burnishing deck raises for simple operator friendly pad replacement.
  • Unobstructed access to battery compartment
  • Optional HEPA filtration disposable paper collection bags at 99.97% @ 0.3 microns, part number 370320PKG
  • Circuit Breakers: 70 amp & 15 amp circuit breakers protect motor and circuitry
  • Power- Standard on traction drive model: (3) 12 volt, 210 AH Deep Cycle
Walk Behind Burnisher

Reconditioned Nobles Speed Gleam Plus (Status - Not Available)

The reconditioned Nobles Speed GleamPlus Battery Walk-Behind Burnisher delivers high performance propane-like gloss results.

S/N: 612967-10340861 (1) 

  • The machine comes with a variable speed control, self-propelled, patented free-floating suction head for excellent pad-to-floor contact.
  • Orbital motion of 2,000 rpm on the floor pad rotation for better gloss performance.
  • Applies 15-45 lb. of pad pressure.
  • Durable, corrosion-proof polyethylene construction.
  • Height adjustable handle and easy-to-use controls.
  • No need to dust mop after (Runs up to 2.5 hours on a single charge)
Nobles SpeedGleam Older

Reconditioned Nobles Speed Gleam (Status - Available)

The reconditioned Nobles SpeedGleam 20” walk behind burnisher, built to capture fine particles for a cleaner environment. Low profile allows to clean under neither storage shelving with enough clearance, delivering high performance-propane like features, to provide the best results covering 21,000 sq. ft./hr.

S/N: NSG2P00003511IU

  • The machine comes with a variable speed control, self-propelled, patented free-floating suction head for excellent pad-to-floor contact.
  • 36 Volt system (3 batteries)
  • Orbital motion of 2,000 rpm on the floor pad rotation for better gloss performance.
  • Applies 15-45 lb. of pad pressure.
  • Durable, corrosion-proof polyethylene construction.
  • Height adjustable handle and easy-to-use controls.
  • No need to dust mop after (Runs up to 2.5 hours on a single charge)
Clarke Ultra Speed 20T

Reconditioned Clarke Ultra Speed 20T (Status - Available)

The reconditioned Clarke Ultra Speed 20T Battery Walk-Behind Burnisher delivers high performance propane-like gloss results.

Reconditioned Clarke Ultra Speed 20T Self Propelled Floor Buffer is a battery-powered 20" burnisher that is designed for easy maintenance of your finished floors. The Ultra Speed 20T operates with traction drive increasing the operator’s efficiency and less fatigue so maintaining the gloss of your floors is as simple and quick, delivering performance to match propane burnishers. The pad pressure on the Ultra Speed 20T is self-adjusting, making the operator never needing to make any adjustments themselves.

Clarke’s dust control system on the Ultra Speed 20T floor burnisher is the best on the market today - the felt seal on the dust shroud provides complete dust containment. The machine looks basically brand new and has very few hours of operation. Basically, a new machine!!

S/N: 4000174926

  • Pad Width – 20”
  • Power – 36 Volt System (3) 12v Batteries
  • Drive – Traction
  • Charger – On Board
  • Pad Speed – 2,000 RPM
  • Pad Pressure – Self Regulated up to 30lbs
  • Sound Level – 68 dB A
  • Average Polish Rate – 17,600 to 24,000 sq ft/hr
  • Dimensions (LxWxH) – (L 50” x W 23” x H 41.25”)
  • Weight – 597lbs
Betco Propane Burnisher

Reconditioned Betco Optima QT 21" Propane Burnisher (Status - Servicing)

Reconditioned Betco propane burnishers (Optima QT 21”) are designed for maximum burnish performance and productivity. The powerful Kawasaki 481cc engine delivers the power necessary to maintain high speed floor finishes. The lightweight aluminum deck and fully adjustable handle make this unit easy and comfortable.

S/N: 502891

  • Pad size 21” – 26,250 sq ft/hr.
  • Comes with Propane tank
  • Orbital motion reaching 1,825 RPM
  • Dimensions L x W x H (40” x 22.5” x 32”)
  • Weight 226 lbs
Tornado Burnisher Reconditioned

Reconditioned Tornado Propane Burnisher (Status - Available)

The Reconditioned Tornado Propane Burnisher

S/N: CON1319

Work like any other propane burnisher we sell and rent. Built with cast aluminum body with a adjustable center deck and wheels for fine tuning pad pressure. Great for concrete polishing, or maintaining warehouses, shops, and showrooms.

  • UL and CGA approved, along with meeting CARB and EPA emission standards
  • 21" polishing path
  • Rotates at 2000 RPM
Michaels ProCare M60 Vacuum

Reconditioned Micheals Procare M60 (Status - On Loan)

The ProCare M60 wet/dry vac, provides the necessary suction and power to pick up any dry or wet messes. Ideal for use in any commercial or industrial building applications, with a non-tipping tank so the mess does not get created again.


  • Wet filter
  • Non-corrosive tank
  • Weighs 26lbs
  • Comes with wet and dry upholstery kit
Nacecare NVQ380B-22

Reconditioned Nacecare NVQ380B-22 Vacuum x 2 (Status - Available)

The reconditioned Nacecare NVQ 380B-22 is built to last, withstanding the most abusive work environments. Small compact machine easy to store and maneuver around the workspace, the heavy-duty structofoam material helps withstand transportation and truly endures over the years.

Versatility, Performance, Filtration, Durability, and Value

S/N:  (1) 095118807 (2) 071215257

  • Weight: 18 lbs
  • Airflow: 114 cfm
  • Capacity: 4.5 gal
  • Power Cord: 33'
  • Waterlift: 110"
  • Sound Level: 47/49 dB(A)
  • Standard Filtration: 0.5 Micron Tritex
  • Filtration Option: 0.3 micron Microtex
Windsor Versamatic

Reconditioned Windsor Versamatic 14" Vacuum (Status - Available)

Windsor Versamatic 14" Dual Motor Upright Vacuum has a powerful motor that picks up more dirt in a single pass. This vacuum is known for its rugged durability because it is precision engineered to withstand years of daily use because the body is injection-molded high-impact ABS plastic which works great and will last. Features that make this vacuum so productive is it includes debris trap door, for easy removal of clogged debris, change out the brush strip easily with the press of a button and equipped with a bag sensor that will indicate when the bag needs to be replaced (indicator light)

S/N: 47059903

  • easily accessible on-board vacuum wand, pull-out hose, and on-board accessory tools simplify detail cleaning
  • Design allows for cleaning right up to baseboards and furniture
  • 40’ power cord with strain relief is standard
  • Base of vacuum separates from body to become a canister vacuum
  • Worn brush strip indicator light alerts user to replace brush strip
  • Even lower noise levels than before at 64.5 dBA
  • Brush Path 14”


Reconditioned Windsor XP15

Reconditioned Windsor XP15 (Status - Loaned)

The reconditioned Windsor Sensor XP 15 adjusts automatically to match the exact height requirement of any flooring surface!

Versatility, Performance, Filtration, Durability, and Value

S/N: B60056341

  • Electronic Automatic Height control.
  • Bigger, 1200-watt motor pulls even more dirt from the carpet.
  • Light handle weight (1.5 lbs!) ensures operator comfort and productivity.
  • Versatile on-board tools and extension wand make Sensor XP15 the perfect choice for detail cleaning.
  • Easy-to-change filter bag ensures the bag is installed correctly.
  • Vacuum will shut down to protect itself in the event of clogging or jamming the brush roller.
  • Low profile, flat-to-the-floor design allows user to easily clean under beds and furniture.
Reconditioned Clarke Summit Pro 18WD

Reconditioned Clarke Summit Pro 18WD (Status - Available)

The reconditioned Clarke Summit Pro 18WD is one of the best wet/dry vacuums we sale, providing the most versatile usage. From the floor squeegee at the front of the machine, cleaning up large spills or using the attachments to create and tool to reach hard places. Great for large and small locations as it attends to all needs when looking for a wet/dry vacuum. A bit bigger than the generic shop vac and small wet/dry units.

S/N: CLARKE18WD-03745

Cleaning Path – 24”

Weight – 60LBS

Capacity – 18 Gallons

Distance – 50Ft Power Cable

Power System – 110V

Mobility – 10” wheel provide easy stair climbing

Accessories – Include 5-piece tool kit, 9 foot hose and stainless steal wands with onboard storage

Ridgid WD18510 Reconditioned

Reconditioned Ridgid WD18510 (Status - Available)

The Reconditioned Rigid WD18510

S/N: 16080 R0394

high performance wet dry vacuum is designed to deliver the powerful suction, large capacity, rugged construction, unique features and excellent mobility that pro's demand for jobsite or shop. The powerful motor easily handles the toughest jobsite clean-up tasks. Moving up and down steps or across rough terrain is a snap with the large diameter, fixed rear wheels. Add a top handle with a cord wrap, heavy duty 2-piece drum construction, an accessory storage bag attached to a quick release handle plus patented Scroll Noise Reduction for quiet operation and you’ve got a wet dry vac that meets the demands of a Pro.

  • Capacity - 16 Gallon
  • Motor - 6.5 Horsepower
  • Filtration - 3 Layer fine dust filter
Reconditioned Clarke Carpetmaster 212

Reconditioned Clarke Carpetmaster 212 (Status - Available)

The reconditioned CarpetMaster 212 is designed with the operator in mind. The CarpetMaster vacuum features a powerful motor, great for picking up dirt and dust. Compact easy to store in tight places, focused on ergonomics, durability, and reliability.

S/N: 1609 00016

  • on-board crevice and upholstery tools
  • quiet operation
  • HEPA filtration, bag indicator light, and a light handle weight!
  • The motor is also conveniently located at the base of the machine which results in a lighter handle weight.
  • With a non-marking bumper
  • 50-foot yellow safety cord your cleaning time becomes more efficient.
Ariens 11528 PRO

Reconditioned Ariens 11528 PRO Snow Blower (Status - Available)

The reconditioned Ariens 11528 Pro is a great unit built to last, all steal construct, powerful 11.5 HP OHV engine designed for all your snow needs. Stars with a press of a button for ease of operation, also provides deflector chute up to 200 degrees. Built in Halogen headlights, lighting the way in the darkest of areas. Cleaning path of 28”, cast iron gear case two reverse and six forward allowing you to maintain maximum control.

S/N: 2660402

Weight – 327LBS

Dimensions – L:61.5” W: 30.05” H:45”

Starting system – 120 Volt

Fuel Tank – 4 gallons